Terms of Service and Sale


Our services: We create custom designed and previously designed luxury jewelry for individual customers, based on their unique choices for design, natural stones and other materials. No two pieces are exactly alike.

Our design process.  We work with you and your ideas to create pieces that are unique, physically stable and within the guidelines of manufacturability. We will provide sketches and/or detailed descriptions, whichever suites effective communication of the design concept in our sole opinion. Upon approval, we will provide one 3D CAD illustration of the final concept prior to manufacturing. Revisions and/or additional 3D CAD illustrations require an additional design fee.

Manufacturing.  Manufacturing is completed in our Chicago, Illinois lab. Scheduling depends on design specifications, availability of stones and complexity of the work. We will endeavor to give you the best possibly schedule at the time of order.

Payments.  Deposits for Existing Designs, with or without modifications, are 50% of the stated price. Deposits for Custom Designs are 50% of your initial budget. We will begin working with you after payment of the initial deposit. Full payment of the final price must be made before we ship the jewelry to you.

Your responsibilities.  When you agree to work with Atelier Adzia, you agree to:

  • Be clear and direct in communicating your ideas and desires. Take time to consider what you really want.
  • Be timely in responding to us.
  • Be prompt in making payments. Payments made after 10 days from request may be considered late and may subject your project to cancellation. Just tell us if there is going to be a delay. We will work with you.